Become a samurai in both body and mind!! ~ on break ~
This interest includes gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation for “The Samurai Spirit”.

With this in mind, we have launched programs for “Samurai Swordplay” in order to introduce guests from across the globe to one of the core essences of traditional Japanese culture and society.

Participants of this program will learn how to hold a sword, handle it, draw it from its sheath, and return it – actions that represent the basic movements of “Samurai Swordplay”.

Equally important are the traditional manners and etiquette of “reigisaho” – how to stand, sit, and bow.

The samurai of the past ages were famous for their traditions and ethical code honor, politeness, courage, sincerity, and self-control, all together known as part of the culture of “Bushido”.

Participants in our program will be able to learn of these aspects through a hands-on and spiritual “Spirit of Wa– Japanese Harmony”.

Please offer yourself the opportunity to leam something new, unique, and unforgettable!
With this Samurai experience, you may be able to find a place in your heart for a memorable and educational visit to Japan.

Let us help you learn about the Japanese way of thinking, culture and customs, and let your time with us build friendships not only in Japan but across the globe.

Foreign tourists, visitors, and residents, and all locals, are most welcome!


Program will cover

1.Wearing a kimono
We prepare everything you need to wear kimono.



2.Japanese tea ceremony
Actually, the owner makes tea, but as an experience, everyone will make tea.


3.Edo Manners
Learning “reigisaho” – manners and etiquette – the spirit of Japanese culture of politeness and mindful consideration and respect of others. Simple, beautiful ways
of interacting with those around you.



4.How to use a sword
Handling and swinging of the Sword. drawing and returning to its sheath.
These actions will be demonstrated and practiced using a Wooden Sword.



5.”Tameshigiri” (actual slash)
Use a real Japanese sword to actually slash!



Commemorative photo.


Program will cover

  • 1. Wearing a kimono.
  • 2. Learn how to drink Japanese tea.
  • 3. Learn the culture and manners of samurai.
  • 4. Learn the basic usage of swords.
  • 5. Cut the ”tatami” with a Japanese sword!
  • 6. Commemorative photo.

What to bring

  • T-shirt and shorts to wear under the kimono

Place & Access

  • 3-2-4,Nakanobu,Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo
  • 2 minutes walk from Subway Ebaranakanobu station

Participation Fee

  • JPY15,000-/per person(1,5hours)


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